New Zealand won by 8 wickets


FT Matches Win Loss Draw N/R Get Miss Pts Rank
Total 5 2 1 2 0 2397 2055 12 5
Last 6 5 1 1 3 0 2397 2055 5 0
FT Matches Win Loss Draw N/R Get Miss Pts Rank
Total 5 4 0 1 0 2442 1900 25 1
Last 6 5 3 0 2 0 2442 1900 8 0

Head to Head Statistics

League Date Home Runs Away W/L
VHT Bengal 177/10-178/5 Haryana W
Last Matches, Win, Loss, Draw, No Result,Win rate:

Previous Scores Statistics

League Date Home Runs Away W/L
RT Haryana 229/7d-88&72 Nagaland W
RT Uttar Pradesh 197&72/1-365 Haryana D
RT Odisha 414&110/1-338&384/4d Haryana D
RT Baroda 615-278&404/9 Haryana D
RT Haryana 46&353-487/4d Himachal Pradesh L
VHT Goa 261/9-154/5 Haryana L
VHT Andhra 262/7-258/7 Haryana L
VHT Haryana 133/10-284/7 Tamil Nadu L
VHT Arunachal Pradesh 91/10-397/8 Haryana W
VHT Bihar 158/10-159/1 Haryana W
VHT Chhattisgarh 171/10-222/9 Haryana W
VHT Haryana 0-44/2 Kerala N
SMAT Punjab 176/7-127/9 Haryana L
SMAT Haryana 125/9-129/5 Karnataka L
SMAT Haryana 138/7-136/5 Maharashtra W
SMAT Haryana 138/6-134/6 Jammu & Kashmir W
SMAT Arunachal Pradesh 86/8-190/6 Haryana W
SMAT Haryana 131/7-132/7 Kerala L
SMAT Haryana 136/7-53/10 Meghalaya W
SMAT Haryana 126/10-125/7 Services W
RT Haryana 302&320/9d-184&157 Himachal Pradesh W
RT Haryana 282&203-444&45 Punjab L
RT Haryana 556&81/1-436 Tripura D
VHT Haryana 167/10-245/9 Uttar Pradesh L
VHT Haryana 281/3-253/10 Jharkhand W
VHT Haryana 127/10-131/5 Saurashtra L
VHT Haryana 162/10-167/5 Hyderabad L
SMAT Haryana 125/10-155/6 Rajasthan L
SMAT Haryana 108/10-109/3 Jammu & Kashmir L
SMAT Haryana 149/2-145/9 Himachal Pradesh W
Last Matches, Win, Loss, Draw, No Result,Win rate:
League Date Home Runs Away W/L
RT Bengal 191&179/3-269&98 Baroda W
RT Uttarakhand 272&69-387&206/7d Bengal D
RT Nagaland 166&123-450/4d Bengal W
RT Bengal 310&291/5d-130&348/4 Himachal Pradesh D
RT Bengal 169&259/4-198&227 Uttar Pradesh W
VHT Bengal 426/4-379/9 Services W
VHT Bengal 248/9-191/10 Railways W
VHT Bengal 202/2-197/10 Puducherry W
VHT Bengal 279/6-282/7 Maharashtra L
VHT Bengal 59/1-57/10 Mizoram W
VHT Bengal 121/10-123/2 Mumbai L
SMAT Himachal Pradesh 200/6-199/6 Bengal L
SMAT Bengal 135/8-138/2 Chandigarh Cheetahs L
SMAT Bengal 161/5-108/10 Chhattisgarh W
SMAT Bengal 179/6-95/8 Sikkim W
SMAT Bengal 164/6-121/9 Tamil Nadu W
SMAT Bengal 87/2-86/10 Odisha W
SMAT Bengal 0-0 Jharkhand N
RT Bengal 273&175-341&281 Madhya L
RT Bengal 773/7d&318/7d-298 Jharkhand D
RT Bengal 437&181/8d-206&260 Chandigarh Cheetahs W
RT Bengal 242&201-205&166 Hyderabad W
RT Bengal 88&350/6-181&255 Baroda W
VHT Baroda 203/10-230/10 Bengal W
SMAT Baroda 144/6-146/7 Bengal W
VHT Saurashtra 324/9-175/10 Bengal L
Last Matches, Win, Loss, Draw, No Result,Win rate:

Fixture (3 Matches)

League Date H/A VS Near
RT Home Uttarakhand 7Days
League Date H/A VS Near
RT Home Odisha 7Days
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